Sometimes you just gotta run….out the door!

Here I am reviewing something I NEVER EVER thought I would.  I’ve never been a fan of the “shake diets” or the “slim” shakes.  They’ve just never been my thing.  But now that I’m on a health journey, I do find that sometimes I just don’t have time to prepare. My excuse this morning was that my pillow needed more me time….hey, it happens.  I was headed out for the day to shoot nature photography with a friend who’s visiting the Smokies.  I had snacks packed and knew that lunch would be my weekly “cheat meal” and I hadn’t  thought much on breakfast.  One thing I’ve learned is, skipping breakfast isn’t cool.

Enter–-Advocare Chocolate Mocha Shake Meal Replacement!   OK, yes I realize that reviewing a meal replacement shake might seem a little nuts, but this blog is part of my journey and I’m really wanting to document everything.  If it’s just me reading,  I’ll keep myself great company.  If you’re out there reading with me, give me a shout out so I know you’re out there!  😉

I had about 5 minutes to make my breakfast, so, out came  the blender, In went the packet of shake mix, 3 ice cubes and about 7 ounces of water. Pulse. Pulse Pulse. Pulse. (Glad I have a great heart rate) Pulse….the blender not my heart.  Voila,  Shake is done. Poured the thick creamy mixture into a “to go” travel cup. Rinsed the Blender out and headed out the door.

As I went down the road to the agreed upon meeting place with my friend Susan I sipped my Mocha Chocolatey Goodness. I will admit, at first sip I tasted a hint of “Vitamininess” but  it’s full of vitamins so what would one expect?   After the 2nd sip I was good to go and really liked the hint of coffee this shake had.

I downed the whole thing in no time flat.  Now, here’s the test….  I’ve NEVER EVER EVER stayed full on a meal replacement shake.  Not ever.  I am a born skeptic about things like this.  It was  8 am.  I kid you not, it was 11:15 before I felt like I needed a snack.  Not a single belly grumble until then.  These things pack a punch of protein…24 GRAMS OF PROTEIN…That’s like more than the chicken I had for dinner last night!

Whether you “do AdvoCare” or not, if you’re looking for a very healthy breakfast alternative when you’re on the go, I recommend the shakes.  AdvoCare is not a “Shake Diet”…it’s just one of the many products offered to promote excellent Health.  I learned today that not all Meal replacement shakes are created equal!  You can read the low down and the nitty gritty on the shakes HERE!


AdvoMocha AdvoMocha2


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