Facing the Giant….Scale



This morning was my first “Weigh In” since I’ve begun eating healthy. It’s been 2 weeks.  I’d only strayed away from my low carb, high protein, high fiber twice during that 2 weeks, and that was to indulge in garlic knots from one of the most amazing italian restaurants in the area…just couldnt resist those….but other than that I’ve stayed completely on track.  Here’s how I know I’m SERIOUS about my Health Journey this time…I’ve shed tears, real tears.  Last night while laying in bed thinking about “facing the scale” which is a demon in my life I cried.  I prayed,”Lord, please let the number lower!”  I haven’t felt deprived and when I was hungry I ate fruit or nuts or other healthy foods, so I was basically constantly eating, which is what the Advocare Nutrition plan recommends,  6 Small Meals and several snacks a day.   It’s not been an easy adjustment to eat a bunch of small meals a day.  I’m used to eating a few small ones and usually one way too big one.  But one cannot see results without change.  The biggest difference I’ve noticed in 2 weeks is, 1. I’m no longer craving any of my unhealthy foods of the not too distant past and 2. My energy level has increased so much thanks to SPARK… I drink a glass of Spark mid afternoon and this Mama is good to go!  I’ve even found myself folding laundry and doing house chores at 10 pm…that’s a miracle…I’m usually down for the count by then.  This stuff so totally rocks! (In my best Wayne’s World Voice)

The time came for me to step on the scale.  I held my breath, closed my eyes and stepped on. I looked down dreading that the number wouldn’t have changed…

When I looked down the number that was there 2 weeks ago was reduced by 8 whole pounds!   HAPPY DANCE, HAPPY TEARS, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!  8 Pounds in 2 weeks… Better than I’d hoped.

I could not have done it without the support of my “AdvoFriends” who introduced me to the Advocare way of eating and in just a few more days I will begin the 24 Day Challenge… I have seen so many folks be so tremendously successful using the Advocare Products and sticking and staying on the AdvoCare way of eating.  I am so grateful for the support I’m getting from my friend and “AdvoCoach”, Cara, throughout this process. I’ve never heard of a personal nutrition program that has so much support.  The support comes because they truly truly believe in what Advocare can do for your health.

Next Update — My BEFORE – 24 Day Challenge Photo –  April 1st – Stay tuned!



One thought on “Facing the Giant….Scale

  1. Hi Christy! Just wanted to let you know I’m keeping up with you, I know it must be a big change but it will be worth it! I’m looking at shakeology, one of my friends has had great success on it. But I am rooting for you, I know you’re going to do awesome!

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