Putting on the Armour for Success

One thing I’ve realized is that the battle with food and eating healthy is one that requires a LOT of support.  One simply cannot do it on their own.  After years and years of unhealthy habits we cannot expect ourselves to just turn “healthy” overnight.  It is a process, one that takes a lot of willpower and “want to”, support, and for me it’s going to take every ounce of my spiritual faith as well.  

I am a big advocate for devotionals.  They ground me in Gods Word each and every morning and help me to focus on Christ in my daily journey.  There is a devotional that has been helping me to not only stay focused on God but to stay focused on how honoring my body and my healthy eating choices also honors God.

The Made to Crave  book and devotional , written by Proverbs 31 Ministries president and founder, Lysa TerKeurst  has been uplifting, inspiring and helps me to keep my focus on what’s really the most important in my life…is that I honor Christ in all that I am and do.  If you are believer, I highly recommend getting the book or downloading it to your mobile device.

60 day devotional, Made to Crave, by Lysa Terkeurst

60 day devotional, Made to Crave, by Lysa Terkeurst

“Goodbye to shallow efforts, self-focus, and suspicious fears that I’ll never find victory in this area of my life. I am an unsettled woman who no longer wishes to take part in distractions or destructions. Welcome deeper love for God and the realization I am made for more than this constant battle. Welcome my unsettled heart.” (Lysa TerKeurst | Made to Crave)



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