The Fed Ex Man Came Today…

I was excited when the Fed Ex Man pulled up and had a big package with a big “A” on it!  That meant my Advocare 24 Day Challenge had arrived! On April 1st I will take the next steps to becoming a healthier me by taking the 24 day challenge!  I cannot WAIT to see the results!  I’m hoping to lose 20 lbs in the 24 days.  Sound impossible?  I’ve know of many who have had amazing success when they take the challenge and stick with it for 24 days.  It basically consists of a 10 day Herbal Cleanse phase to start with.  You drink a Fiber Drink along with other supplements while keeping your diet clean by eating lean protein/meat/ fish along with Veggies and Fruits (As much as you want).  The purpose of the cleanse is to detox your body from all the yucky stuff that is keeping you from absorbing healthy nutrients.  The following 14 Days is the “Max Phase” .  You are allowed some carbs once you get to days 11-24.  The Max Phase is about fueling your body in order to achieve maximum results.  There are several awesome products that you need to take during Max Phase, but my favorite is the “Spark” energy drink.  I’ve already started drinking spark at least once a day (in place of coffee) and it gives me a great energy boost thats a lot more healthy for me than coffee or soda.  Trust me, I was a skeptic, but I’ve seen too many people be very successful on the 24 day challenge…I know it’s MY next step!  image


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