A Healthy Eater takes an Aspiring Healthy Eater Shopping at Trader Joes

When I first began this journey and knew I was going to do it and do it right, I enlisted the help of  my friend Cara, who is also an MD to “hold my hand” and coach me through this journey.  Back in the fall of 2013 Cara introduced me to Advocare.  I listened and began to follow several on their journey to health by eating right and using the Advocare products.  I knew it was the right road for me to take, but the timing was bad.  Once I finally decided to take the plunge I began talking with Cara quite a bit about health and nutrition.

I’ve decided that I would order the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and begin it on April 1st.  I have ordered the products for the challenge and right now I am anxiously awaiting their arrival so that I can get started.  I want to be prepared. I want to KNOW what I’m headed for and do a bit of body prep before I do the challenge. The Advocare 24 Day challenge starts with a 10 Day Herbal Cleanse Phase which rids your body of all of the toxins that are blocking healthy nutrients from getting into your body.  The following 14 days is the MAX Phase as you begin taking vitamin supplements to put back the nutrients you’ve lost from unhealthy eating.  For the challenge, you must eat a “low fat, low carb, high protein, high fiber diet” I asked Cara if she would go with me shopping at Trader Joes Supermarket.  Trader Joes is known for carrying very healthy and organic foods for exceptional prices.

We spent the better part of 2.5 hours casing the aisles of Trader Joes on a Saturday afternoon. Cara began to show me the ins and the outs of eating a low carb, high protein, high fiber diet.  I have never done a low carb diet before, and my eyes were opened to so many things in that 2.5 hour shopping trip.

If you want to truly begin eating right, I highly suggest finding a friend who has been eating healthy for awhile to go with you to the store to teach you about different products and what is on the labels.

Below are some photo’s of what happens when a healthy eater takes an aspiring healthy eater shopping.   Lets just say, my vehicle was full from the backseat to the back trunk with LOTS of healthy food!  Of course, Cara was able to buy a whole bunch of yummy food for her family, too.  I am honestly amazed at how God brings the people in our lives that we need at just the right time.  A big hug and THANK YOU to Cara for helping me through this journey.






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